TallahasseeCollegiate Academy


In spring, all TCA students will participate in STEM Immersion Week, an experiential learning for activities outside of the regular classroom structure. STEM Immersion Week allows students to discover, deepen, diversify, and dedicate their area of study in STEM fields.

9th grade

Discover: Students explore areas of interest to decide on a STEM A.S. degree pathway by participating in STEM Center Camps, and listening to guest speakers, guest instructors, or guest presenters. 

10th grade

Deepen: Students deepen their knowledge about their selected STEM A.S. degree pathway through immersive experiences within the community and with our community partners.

11th grade

Diversify: Students diversify their understanding of their selected STEM A.S. degree pathway and work with community partners to learn about related fields. Students also diversity their opportunities, work on career planning, and begin to develop workplace skills. 

12th grade

Dedicate: Students dedicate themselves to their selected field of study and potential job offers or continuing educational opportunities.

During STEM Immersion Week, Students engage in the following:

  • Volunteer opportunities in STEM-related fields
  • Externships in students' current STEM-related field of study
  • STEM Center Camps
  • Exploratory Workshops with TCC professors
  • Travel to explore STEM fields of study
  • Personal Discovery/Restorative Opportunities/1:1 Mentoring
  • An opportunity to listen to guest speakers, guest instructors, guest presenters