TallahasseeCollegiate Academy


Families can purchase lunch or sign up for free and reduced lunch through a delivery service partnering with the school.

High School Building Lunch Option:

Lunch menus include healthy portions of balanced meals using high-quality ingredients:

  • Protein/Starch/Veggie
  • Juice/Milk
  • Fruit

See Lunch Calendar Spring-Summer 2024

Free and Reduced application is in FOCUS Parent Portal. 

A hot lunch will be available for purchase every day that school is in session.

Students must opt in or out for lunch monthly. Should you want to stop receiving lunch after you have opted in, you must alert us in writing: Info@tca.fl.edu or Allison.Tackett@tcc.fl.edu

Pay for Lunch

College Campus Lunch Option:

Students who are able to leave the high school campus may opt to purchase lunch separately at the TCC Student union.

Lunch choices at the Student Union include:

  • Vato Tacos
  • Subway
  • Voltage Cafe

Have questions about lunch? Contact us: Info@tca.fl.edu.