TallahasseeCollegiate Academy


We are proud to have you as a Tallahassee Collegiate Academy Eagle or Potential Eagle. Your commitment to your education today can change your future tomorrow. SOAR stands for Safety, Ownership, Achievement, and Respect. These four areas of focus will ensure your success at Tallahassee Collegiate Academy.

Safety: If you see something or hear something, say something. Keep yourself and others safe on both campuses.

Ownership: Take ownership of your education and of your work. You are in charge of yourself.

Achievement: Commit to doing your best every day. Be excellent on purpose.

Respect: Respect yourself, others, our school, the college, and our community.

We are committed to providing you with the best education possible, supporting you as you take high school and college coursework, and providing support and interventions when things get tough. 

Students are provided with many tutoring opportunities:

  • Participate in the “Power Hour” weekly to get help and support
  • Visit the STEM center, located on the bottom floor of our building
  • Get on-site tutoring or tutoring in TSC's Learning Commons

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View Fall 23 - Spring 24 TCA School Calendar

Summer Academics At TCA

Don't let summer slow you down! Summer Reading and Summer Math are required for everyone. Summer PERT prep is for those seeking dual enrollment.

  • Summer Reading List: Dive into our curated list. Each student should choose one book of their interest level: Summer Reading List. Current students can pick up a book before they leave for the summer. Incoming students can pick up a book at Midtown Reader.
  • Summer Math Assignments: Sharpen your skills with these summer math assignments: Algebra Summer Assignments | Geometry Summer Assignments

Student ID Cards

Students must always wear their ID cards on a lanyard while at school. We will provide the ID card and the designated lanyard. The ID card will be their library card, their lunch card, and their identification card while on campus, whether in TCA classes or TSC classes. Students may also use their ID card throughout the city as an identifier to ride the Star Metro bus for free and receive other discounts. When attending field trips, community events during school hours, or while on TSC’s campus, students must have their ID card visible.