TallahasseeCollegiate Academy

Safety and Security

Tallahassee Community College Police Department:

TCC Police department logosThe TCC Police Department (TCCPD) will serve TCA as part of its campus-wide scope. The department is comprised of sworn law enforcement officers, non-sworn public safety officers, public safety communications officers, emergency management personnel, and administrative staff.

TCA’s School Resource Officer:

A dedicated School Resource Officer (SRO) from TCCPD will be on-site at the High School building from 7:30 a.m. - 2:45 p.m., Monday through Friday.

This officer will patrol the perimeter of the building to ensure that everyone has a legitimate reason for being inside and around the building.

In addition, the SRO will work alongside the administration to:

  • Provide training to teachers and students
  • Assist with required drills and emergency procedures
  • Control traffic around the building during drop-off and pick-up

Our SRO will interact with students to let them see that law enforcement officers are approachable and are there to help them when needed. Outside of school supervision hours, TCCPD will patrol the TCC campus and will be ready to respond to any needs that may arise at the High School.

Visitor Aware:

Visitor Aware is our visitor management system. It will be used to screen everyone who enters our school in compliance with school safety legislation. We also utilize Visitor Aware as part of our Parent Reunification Plan.

FLDOE – Office of Safe Schools:

TCC has a relationship directly with the Office of Safe Schools at the Florida Department of Education. Working meetings, training, and monitoring visits have been established to ensure that TCC is in compliance with all federal and state regulations relating to K-12 school safety and security.

In addition, TCCPD, TCC, and TCA have worked together to develop all required safety plans for the school per statute. All TCA faculty and staff and select TCC staff have taken extensive safety and security training.



FortifyFL Logo

FortifyFL is a suspicious activity reporting tool that allows you to relay information instantly to appropriate law enforcement agencies and school officials. To access this site, click here.

TCC Alert

During an emergency, TCC uses the TCC Alert emergency notification system. Emergency information is primarily shared via text message, e-mail, and telephone.

Current TCC students, as well as faculty and staff, are automatically enrolled to receive emergency messages. TCC Alert users can update their contact information via the following:

If you are not a current TCC student, faculty, or staff member but wish to subscribe to the TCC Alert system, you can register here.

EagleSafe App

EagleSafe is the official mobile safety app of TCC and is the only app connected to TCC's safety and security systems. The app will send you important safety alerts and provide instant access to campus safety resources.

Learn how to download the EagleSAFE Mobile App